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Based in Benoni - Gauteng, Niche Pets compliments the pet industry by offering hard to find Niche specialized products. Our aim is to bring high quality products and feed to the hobbiest, pet trade & show enthusiast as well as breeders alike. Our website offers products that most stores don't or won't stock, and at fair and competitive pricing. 


We serve the bird, reptile, dogs & cats and pet bug enthusiasts throughout South Africa.


Our objective is to grow the industry and interest by providing ready-to-use enclosures and accessories, making the entire process that much more manageable and sustainable. Our show cages are built to strict show standards and fully comform to size, shape and material specifications. Niche Pets also offer custom built solutions on cages, so contact us today to find out more about custom project builds. 



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35 Davidson Street
Gauteng, South Africa

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